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1 Child/1 Adult $40/month

1 Child/2 Adults $45/month

2 Children/1 Adult $50/month

2 Children/2 Adults $55/month

3 Children/1 Adult $60/month

3 Children/2 Adults $65/month

4 Children/1 Adult $70/month

4 Children/2 Adults $75/month

5 Children/ 1 Adult $80/month

5 Children/ 2 Adults $85/month

6 Children/ 1 Adult $90/month

6 Children/ 2 Adults $95/month

*Must sign one year agreement.

*Upon signing an agreement, member will receive one membership card that must be presented along with the photo ID.

*Members are ALLOWED same day reentry for unlimited play.

*Cancellation before the expiration will result in $150 one time fee.

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